About Operations Mastery

Our mission is to empower leaders to operate from their genius zone and do more of what they love.

We believe that work should be creative and meaningful. Doing less of mundane work allows for more time doing what you love.

We are NOT looking to replace people with systems and processes. Instead, we aim to place people in the center of the organization by leveraging their unique skills and talents.

In the 21st century, competing with machines is a race to the bottom. We are not looking to squeeze down the costs of your operations or turn your employees into workhorses. You nor your organization can ever win against the competition (or artificial intelligence).

What we, humans, are magnificent at is creativity: problem-solving, identifying pressing problems, inspiring others, etc. The only way to win is to leverage our strengths.

At Operations Mastery, we are passionate about systems. We see the whole world as a system with a lot of interconnected parts. Mastering operations, to us,  mean the profound understanding of businesses as a system. And that understanding allows us to create a more elegant company design and replace boring with creative.

“What You Do Is Who You Are” - Ben Horowitz, Co-founder of A16Z

Our work will take the majority of our lives, so it’s our responsibility to make it meaningful.

We’ve started Operations Mastery because we saw a massive struggle among business owners in systematizing their businesses. They start their business because they are great at something, have a big ambition, and want to gain personal freedom. When the business grows, however, the business has them, instead of them having a business.

Before starting Operations Mastery, we faced challenges with systematizing our companies. We found ourselves in the weeds grinding to keep the company working. When we stepped on the gas, the wheels of our machine were spinning in place.

We soon realized that it’s really tough to scale without a strong foundation. If we are stuck in the day-to-day, we can never do the strategic work that makes the difference.

Soon after we got our operations dialed, everything has changed. Our employees were happier and more excited. We could take a vacation knowing that the company will be thriving when we come back. We were doing more of what we loved, designing our businesses instead of working in them. And of course, profits grew...

We soon realized that business operations are only studied at the big corporate level. Leaders who figure out ops often get there through trial and error. Those who do it successfully get to grow. The rest are stuck as slaves to their businesses and can’t break through a certain revenue mark.

Our ambition is to be on the cutting edge of business systems design for medium-sized businesses. To reach this goal, we are researching with leaders of the world’s most productive companies.

Our Team

Our team consists of systems thinkers passionate about building elegant systems that simply work. We love learning how things work, the causes and effects, and the relationships between them while keeping the strategic objectives in mind.

Our consultants include experts from top consulting organizations like McKinsey and departmental operations specialists ranging from sales ops to agency ops.

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